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The story you tell should come from within

Hope-based communications will help you tell the stories of the change you need to inspire people, change minds and win debates.


To succeed in today’s political landscape, you need a strong narrative of your own and a plan for bringing it to life through authentic moments. But you also need the practical skills to tell your story. 

There is hope in every story. Let's find the hope in yours.

Hope-based workshops

Hope-based workshops

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To win debates and influence people, you need to set the agenda with bold narratives based on the ideas you want to share. Developing your position with the hope-based approach will offer a fresh perspective on your messages and campaigns. These workshops will cultivate ideas, inspiration and imagination among your teams with a unique mix of exercises. Get in touch to find out what a bespoke hope-based workshop would look like for your organisation or movement.


What happens in a hope-based workshop?
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“There is no more potent weapon... than the creation of real alternatives.”


— Naomi Klein

"Thomas’s work with ISHR – founded in science, evidence and stories, as well as extensive first-hand experience as to what works and what doesn’t – is helping us to communicate about defenders in ways which engage hearts and change minds."

— Phil Lynch, Executive Director, International Service for Human Rights

Narrative change through creative campaigns

Narrative change through creative campaigns

Hope-based campaigns are a new playbook for social change using practical applications of findings from neuroscience and cognitive linguistics. They aim to change conversations by giving voice to our ideas, whether through a one-off moment, an experimental test or a long-term attitude change effort. Get in touch to find out how even small organisations can take campaigning in exciting new directions using digital marketing tools like social listening, audience segmentation and micro-targeting.


Narrative change campaigns in detail.

There are no gods in the universe, no nations, no money and no human rights—except in the common imagination of human beings.

— Yuval Harari

Branding & integrated comms

Hope-based branding & integrated comms strategy

Good causes should build their brand on their core beliefs. We will articulate values and visions in a practical way that will be relevant to your daily work. Narrative and attitude change plans need to be infused throughout your daily work. We will help you develop the tools, guidelines and templates you need to help your colleagues apply a hope-based approach to everything they do and the stories they tell.

“The stories that spread today empower us and give us belief in our own heroic potential.”


— Jonah Sachs

Speeches and interviews

Speeches & Interviews

Preparing to give a big speech or interview? When you take your ideas the public, you need a strong argument but you also need passion and emotion. The hope-based method will help you find a new and inspiring way to tell your story, leaving your audience inspired and intrigued.

More information on media training.

“Violence is the power of the state; imagination and non-violence the power of civil society.”


— Rebecca Solnit

Training for activists

Training for activists

Powerful stories of hope demand inspiring messengers. To be the face of change in the digital era demands a broad range of skills for dealing with the public. Being a natural, authentic spokesperson actually requires a lot practice and preparation. We deliver a broad range of trainings to suit your needs, from writing for social media to public speaking. Get in touch to ask about bespoke training plans to make you and your team inspiring messengers.

“Pictures have always been the surest way of conveying an idea, and next in order, words that call up pictures in memory.”


— Walter Lippmann

"Thomas’ training was excellent. Very practical, very insightful, focused on how we can effectively get over our key messages.  As they say on the washing powder adverts, ‘I’d strongly recommend it to anyone’”

— Mark Pyman, former Programme Director, International Defence & Security Programme, Transparency International UK

Writing & content creation

Writing & content creation

Hope-based messaging revitalise your content. We can help you refresh your messaging and content, whether through writing, a social media content plan or scripting an inspiring video.

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