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Celebrate #HumanRightsDay2020 with these texts and artwork from the Reimagining Human Rights project

Human Rights Day is tomorrow, 10 December! We're celebrating by sharing works from the incredible artists who contributed to our Reimagining Human Rights initiative with the arts organisation Fine Acts. Want to show your support for human rights? We've made it easy for you by compiling some of our favourite works along with supplementary texts for easy posting across social media. Just copy and paste, with the hashtag #HumanRightsDay! Find the full library of content here.

The future of our world depends on our ability to come together—for each other and for the earth. Human rights are for everyone, everywhere. Join us in making sure our collective future is bright on #HumanRightsDay2020. Art by Daniel Liévano for Fine Acts.

This year proved that our world is inherently interconnected. We are one big human family, let’s act accordingly in 2021. #humanrightsday Art by Alex Tait for Fine Acts.

If we come together, we can make the world a place where everyone belongs. #HumanRightsDay2020. Art by Jon Hanlan for Fine Acts

This #HumanRightsDay, we’re dreaming of a just world that has yet to be realised. #DreamingIsBelieving Art by Linoca Souza for Fine Acts.

This #HumanRightsDay2020, we are celebrating the incredible progress in the attainment of LGBTQ+ rights and recognition over the last ten years. We are all #EqualInLove. Art by Linoca Souza for Fine Acts

2020 was a difficult year but we also saw humanity’s powers of resistance and resilience, from #BLM to pro-democracy protests in #HongKong. #humanrightsday. Art by Marcos Navarro for Fine Acts

Open minds for all humans everywhere. Human rights is all about inviting all people into our circle of human concern. #HumanRightsDay Art by Rozalina Burkova for Fine Acts.

#HumanRights is something we create together. On #HumanRightsDay2020, we’re honoring the many people and communities that have come together with incredible persistence to protect the life and dignity of humans everywhere. Safwat Saleem for Fine Acts

On #HumanRightsDay2020, we’re celebrating the many differences that make our lives interesting! We appreciate all that which makes us unique—as well as that which brings us closer. Art by Asis Percales for Fine Acts

This year was a hard one for all of us. But on #HumanRightsDay2020 we’re honoring the incredible resilience communities worldwide have shown this year, and looking forward to a brighter 2021. Art by Cachetejack for Fine Acts.

On #HumanRightsDay2020, we’re honoring the incredible solidarity and allyship shown by communities this year. We know if we keep working together, we can achieve #equality for all people. Art by Nourie Flayhan for Fine Acts.

We need to value the humanity in all people, including those who are different from us. Humanity thrives only in full color. #HumanRightsDay2020 Art by Sebastian Rubiano for Fine Acts.

This year was hard on all of us, but the world is still out there, ready to be your oyster. Help us ensure all people have the same opportunity by supporting human rights on #HumanRightsDay2020. Art by Bernice Liu for Fine Acts

What is human rights except for the ability to live a life that makes one happy? Join us in promoting human rights today and every day. #HumanRightsDay2020 Art by Ové Pictures for Fine Acts.

This #HumanRightsDay2020, let’s take a moment to recognise that we are all on the same team. Together, we can make a world where everyone is treated with equality and respect. Art by David Espinosa for Fine Acts.

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